Mold Remediation in Palm Beach County, FL

Fides Restoration in Palm Beach County, FL are experts in mold removal. When the flood waters recede and we are called in to survey damage, we make absolute certain that there is no mold growth or potential for growth on your property. If we find any, we put a remediation plan into service right away. A little mold can turn into a lot of mold with every hour we wait. Our goal is to remove the mold effectively and completely, without damage to your home or offices.

With that being said, there are times where we will need to remove sheetrock from sections of a ceiling because the damage is severe, and replacement is the better avenue. No matter what path is taken, you can rest assured that we will get the job done completely and thoroughly. We are mold remediation experts. Let us handle it. Fides Restoration is also famous for bio hazard cleaning in Palm Beach County, FL.

The Mold Mitigation Process

In compliance with EPA standards, we will scrub and scour mold off hard surfaces and dry them completely. We will also locate the source of the water (flooding, or water line breaks) and seal them accordingly. Lastly, we must remove any porous items that have mold on them such as furniture, carpets, ceiling tiles, safely, using proper EPA approved disposal techniques.

As a general reminder to all customers, mold is not safe. Exposure to mold can be potentially dangerous. Contact us at Fides Restoration right away and let our trained professionals handle the cleaning efforts.

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